A PyBats module for handling input, output, and visualization of binary SWMF output files taylored to BATS-R-US-type data.


BatsLog(filename[, starttime, keep_case])

A specialized version of LogFile that includes special methods for plotting common BATS-R-US log file values, such as D$_{ST}$.

Stream(bats, xstart, ystart, xfield, yfield)

A class for streamlines.

Bats2d(filename, *args, **kwargs)

A child class of IdlFile tailored to 2D BATS-R-US output.

Mag(nlines, time[, gmvars, ievars])

A container for data from a single BATS-R-US virtual magnetometer.

MagFile(filename[, ie_name, find_ie])

BATS-R-US magnetometer files are powerful tools for both research and operations.

GeoIndexFile(filename[, keep_case])

Geomagnetic Index files are a specialized BATS-R-US output that contain geomagnetic indices calculated from simulated ground-based magnetometers.

VirtSat(*args, **kwargs)

A spacepy.pybats.LogFile object tailored to virtual satellite output; includes special satellite-specific plotting methods.