class spacepy.pybats.IdlFile(filename, iframe=0, header='units', keep_case=True, *args, **kwargs)[source]

A *.out or *.outs SWMF output file name.

Other Parameters
headerstr or None

Determine how to interpret the additional header information. Defaults to ‘units’.


If set to True, the case of variable names will be preserved. If set to False, variable names will be set to all lower case.


PyBats assumes little endian byte ordering because this is what most machines use. However, there is an autodetect feature such that, if PyBats doesn’t make sense of the first read (a record length entry, or RecLen), it will proceed using big endian ordering. If this doesn’t work, the error will manifest itself through the “struct” package as an “unpack requires a string of argument length ‘X’”.