MacOS Installation

The following are performed from the command line on OSX.

Installation on OSX requires a C compiler:

xcode-select --install

Our recommended (but not required) Python distribution is Anaconda running 64-bit Python 3. Anaconda includes much of the scientific Python stack. Another excellent distribution is Canopy.

Once python is installed (Anaconda assumed) install the Fortran compiler:

conda install gfortran_osx-64

Dependencies via conda and pip

Installation via pip will automatically install most Python dependencies (but not the NASA CDF library). They can also be installed from conda:

conda install numpy scipy matplotlib h5py

Once this is set up, pip install spacepy should just work. If you’re installing as a single user (not in a virtual environment) then add the --user flag.

You will also need the NASA CDF library to use pycdf.

To install the latest code from the repository, rather than the latest stable release, use:

pip install git+