coordinates - module for coordinate transforms

Implementation of Coords class functions for coordinate transformations

Authors: Josef Koller and Steven Morley Institution: Los ALamos National Laboratory Contact:

Copyright 2010 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.


Coords(data, dtype, carsph, [units, ticks])

A class holding spatial coordinates in Cartesian/spherical in units of Re and degrees


quaternionRotateVector(Qin, Vin[, ...])

Given quaternions and vectors, return the vectors rotated by the quaternions

quaternionNormalize(Qin[, scalarPos])

Given an input quaternion (or array of quaternions), return the unit quaternion

quaternionMultiply(Qin1, Qin2[, scalarPos])

Given quaternions, return the product, i.e. Qin1*Qin2.

quaternionConjugate(Qin[, scalarPos])

Given an input quaternion (or array of quaternions), return the conjugate

quaternionFromMatrix(matrix[, scalarPos])

Given an input rotation matrix, return the equivalent quaternion

quaternionToMatrix(Qin[, scalarPos, normalize])

Given an input quaternion, return the equivalent rotation matrix.