spacepy.seapy.multisea(dictobj, n_cols=1, epochline=True, usrlimx=[], usrlimy=[], xunits='', show=True, zunits='', zlog=True, figsize=None)[source]

Function to create multipanel plot of superposed epoch analyses.

Dictionary of Sea objects (from superposedepoch.seadict()).
Plot of input object median and bounds (ci, mad, quartiles - see sea()).
If keyword ‘show’ is False, output is a plot object.
Other Parameters:
- epochline (default = True) - put vertical line at zero epoch.
- usrlimy (default = []) - override automatic y-limits on plot (same for all plots).
- show (default = True) - shows plot; set to false to output plot object to variable
- x/zunits - Units for labeling x and z axes, if required
- figsize - tuple of (width, height) in inches
- dpi (default=300) - figure resolution in dots per inch
- n_cols - Number of columns: not yet implemented.