spacepy.pycdf.istp.format(v, use_scaleminmax=False, dryrun=False)[source]

Set ISTP-compliant FORMAT on a variable

Sets a CDF variable’s FORMAT attribute, which provides a Fortran-like format string that should be useable for printing any valid value in the variable. Sets according to the VALIDMIN/VALIDMAX attributes (or, optionally, SCALEMIN/SCALEMAX) if present, otherwise uses the full range of the type.


Variable to update

use_scaleminmaxbool, optional

Use SCALEMIN/MAX instead of VALIDMIN/MAX (default False). Note: istpchecks may complain about result.

dryrunbool, optional

Print the decided format to stdout instead of modifying the CDF (for use in command-line debugging) (default False).


>>> import spacepy.pycdf
>>> import spacepy.pycdf.istp
>>> f = spacepy.pycdf.CDF('foo.cdf', create=True)
>>> v ='Var', data=[1, 2, 3])
>>> spacepy.pycdf.istp.format(v)
>>> v.attrs['FORMAT']