Python 2 End of Support

Python 3 is fully supported by SpacePy and used in daily work by the SpacePy team.

On January 1, 2020, Python 2 reached end of life. Most of the scientific Python stack has committed to ending Python 2 support by 2020. This includes numpy.

As a result, the SpacePy team will phase out Python 2 support over the course of 2020 and early 2021. This process is managed through SpacePy issue 26.

0.2 series: full support

The last release of the SpacePy 0.2 series will be 0.2.3, by the end of 2020. This will be the last release where all functionality works with Python 2 and that has binary installers provided for Python 2. 0.2 will not be supported past this release (this will not be a “long-term support” release.)

0.3 series: no feature support

Starting with 0.3.0 in early 2021, the SpacePy team will:

  • Provide no prebuilt packages for Python 2. We will attempt to ensure the last 0.2.x version will still install from pip on Python 2.

  • Allow new features that do not support Python 2 as long as they do not break existing functionality.

  • Provide no workarounds for dependencies that no longer support Python 2.

SpacePy 0.3.x will still function on Python 2 for those who install “by hand”.

0.4 series: no bugfix support

Starting with 0.4.0, no later than mid-2021, the SpacePy team will provide no fixes for bugs that cannot be reproduced on Python 3.

SpacePy 0.4.x will still function on Python 2 for those who install “by hand”.

0.5 series: remove support

Starting with 0.5.0, mid-2021, SpacePy developers will begin removing code that exists only to support Python 2. SpacePy 0.5.x will not function on Python 2.



Doc generation date:

Sep 14, 2022