Publication List

The following publications have been prepared using SpacePy. If you have published a paper using SpacePy, contact the SpacePy team to be added to this list. Please also provide a citation or acknowledgment, as appropriate, in your paper.

Papers using SpacePy

Peer-reviewed papers

  • Gieseler, J., P. Oleynik, H. Hietala, R. Vainio, H.-P. Hedman, J. Peltonen, A. Punkkinen, R. Punkkinen, T. Säntti, E. Hæggström, J. Praks, P. Niemelä, B. Riwanto, N. Jovanovic, and M. R. Mughal (2020), Radiation monitor RADMON aboard Aalto-1 CubeSat: First results, Adv. Space Res., 66 (1), 52-65, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2019.11.023.

  • Jordanova, V. K., Y. Yu, J. T. Niehof, R. M. Skoug, G. D. Reeves, C. A. Kletzing, J. F. Fennell, and H. E. Spence (2014), Simulations of inner magnetosphere dynamics with an expanded RAM-SCB model and comparisons with Van Allen Probes observations, Geopys. Res. Lett., 41 (8), 2687-2695, doi:10.1002/2014GL059533.

  • Niehof, J. T., S. K. Morley, and R. H. W. Friedel (2012), Association of cusp energetic ions with geomagnetic storms and substorms, Ann. Geophys., 30 (12), 1633-1643, doi:10.5194/angeo-30-1633-2012.

  • Turner, D. L., V. Angelopoulos, Y. Shprits, A. Kellerman, P. Cruce and D. Larson (2012), Radial distributions of equatorial phase space density for outer radiation belt electrons, Geophys. Res. Lett., 39, L09101, doi:10.1029/2012GL051722.

  • Welling, D. T. and A. J. Ridley (2010), Exploring sources of magnetospheric plasma using multispecies MHD, Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, 4201, doi:10.1029/2009JA014596.

  • Morley, S. K., R. H. W. Friedel, E. L. Spanswick, G. D. Reeves, J. T. Steinberg, J. Koller, T. Cayton and E. Noveroske (2010), Dropouts of the outer electron radiation belt in response to solar wind stream interfaces: Global Positioning System observations, Proceedings of the Royal Society A, doi:10.1098/rspa.2010.0078.

Other publications and presentations

  • Niehof, J. T. and S. K. Morley (2012), Determining the significance of associations between two series of discrete events: bootstrap methods, Tech Report LA-14453, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, doi:10.2172/1035497.

Papers about SpacePy

Peer-reviewed papers

  • Morley, S. K., D. T. Welling, J. Koller, B. A. Larsen, M. G. Henderson and J. Niehof (2010), SpacePy - A Python-based library of tools for the space sciences, Proceedings of the 9th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2010), presented in Austin, TX, June 30 - July 1, 2010 pdf. full proceedings

Other publications and presentations

  • Niehof, J. T., M. G. Henderson, J. Koller, B. A. Larsen, S. Morley, D. T. Welling, Y. Yu (2012), Space Science with the SpacePy Toolkit, Abstract IN53C-1746 presented at 2012 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, Calif., 3-7 Dec. (pdf)

  • The SpacePy Developer Team (2010), SpacePy - Python-Based of Tools for the Space Science Community, A Tri-Fold pdf.

  • Morley, S. K., D. T. Welling, J. Koller, B. A. Larsen, M. G. Henderson (2010), SpacePy - Data Analysis and Visualization Tools for the Space Sciences, presented at GEM 2010 Summer Workshop, Snowmass, CO, June 20-25. (pdf)