SpacePy Help

The best way to get help is to open an issue. Searching existing issues may find other people who have had similar questions. Try changing the filters (at the top) to include closed issues, as they may have been addressed.

Most modules also have a contact person listed in the docstring. These are built into in the main SpacePy 0.3.0 documentation, or you can view it from within Python/IPython:

>>> import spacepy.pycdf
>>> help(spacepy.pycdf)
>>> print(spacepy.pycdf.__contact__)

A web version of this documentation is currently hosted at


Contributions to SpacePy are welcome! Development is managed via our github. If you’re interesting in contributing a new feature or bugfix, it is recommended to open an issue to discuss your plans. Once your code is ready, you can open a pull request. Thanks for helping to improve SpacePy!