empiricals - module with heliospheric empirical modules

Module with some useful empirical models (plasmapause, magnetopause, Lmax)

Authors: Steve Morley, Josef Koller Institution: Los Alamos National Laboratory Contact: smorley@lanl.gov

Copyright 2010 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.

getDststar(ticks[, model, dbase])

Calculate the pressure-corrected Dst index, Dst*

getExpectedSWTemp(velo[, model, units])

Return the expected solar wind temperature based on the bulk velocity

getLmax(ticks[, model, dbase])

calculate a simple empirical model for Lmax - last closed drift-shell

getMagnetopause(ticks[, LTs, dbase])

Calculates the Shue et al. (1997) position in equatorial plane.

getMPstandoff(ticks[, dbase, alpha])

Calculates the Shue et al. (1997) subsolar magnetopause radius.

getPlasmaPause(ticks[, model, LT, omnivals])

Plasmapause location model(s)

getSolarProtonSpectra([norm, gamma, E0, ...])

Returns a SpaceData with energy and fluence spectra of solar particle events

getSolarRotation(ticks[, rtype, fp, reverse])

Calculates solar rotation number (Carrington or Bartels) for a given date/time


Empirical lookup of power for sin^n pitch angle model from Vampola (1996)

omniFromDirectionalFlux(fluxarr, alphas[, norm])

Calculate omnidirectional flux [(s cm^2 kev)^-1] from directional flux [(s sr cm^2 keV)^-1] array

vampolaPA(omniflux, **kwargs)

Pitch angle model of sin^n form