spacepy.toolbox.isview(array1, array2=None)[source]

Returns if an object is a view of another object. More precisely if one array argument is specified True is returned is the arrays owns its data. If two arrays arguments are specified a tuple is returned of if the first array owns its data and the the second if they point at the same memory location


array to query if it owns its data

outbool or tuple

If one array is specified bool is returned, True is the array owns its data. If two arrays are specified a tuple where the second element is a bool of if the array point at the same memory location

Other Parameters
array2object (optional)

array to query if array1 is a view of this object at the specified memory location


import numpy import spacepy.toolbox as tb a = numpy.arange(100) b = a[0:10] tb.isview(a) # False tb.isview(b) # True tb.isview(b, a) # (True, True) tb.isview(b, b) # (True, True) # the conditions are met and numpy cannot tell this