spacepy.time.dtstr2iso(dtstr, fmt='%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S')[source]

Convert a datetime string to a standard format

Attempts to maintain leap second representation while converting time strings to the specified format (by default, ISO8601-like.) Only handles a single positive leap second; negative leap seconds require no special handling and policy is for UTC-UT1 not to exceed 0.9.

dtstrsequence of str

Date + time representation, format is fairly open.

isostrarray of str

Representation of dtstr formatted according to fmt. Always a new sequence even if contents are identical to dtstr.

UTCarray of datetime.datetime

The closest-possible rendering of UTC time before or equal to dtstr.

offsetarray of int

Amount (in microseconds) to add to UTC to get the real time.

Other Parameters
fmtstr, optional

Format appropriate for strftime() for rendering the output time.