spacepy.pybats.add_body(ax, rad=2.5, facecolor='lightgrey', show_planet=True, ang=0.0, add_night=True, zorder=1000, **extra_kwargs)[source]

Creates a circle of radius=self.attrs[‘rbody’] and returns the MatPlotLib Ellipse patch object for plotting. If an axis is specified using the “ax” keyword, the patch is added to the plot. Default color is light grey; extra keywords are handed to the Ellipse generator function.

Because the body is rarely the size of the planet at the center of the modeling domain, add_planet is automatically called. This can be negated by using the show_planet kwarg.

axMatplotlib Axes object

Set the axes on which to place planet.

Other Parameters:

Set radius of the inner boundary. Defaults to 2.5.


Set color of face of inner boundary circle via Matplotlib color selectors (name, hex, etc.) Defaults to ‘lightgrey’.


Turns on/off planet indicator inside inner boundary. Defaults to True


Set the rotation of the day-night terminator from the y-axis, in degrees. Defaults to zero (terminator is aligned with Y-axis.)


Add night hemisphere. Defaults to True


Set the matplotlib zorder of the patch to set how other plot elements order with the inner boundary patch. Defaults to 1000. If a planet is added, it is given a zorder of *zorder*+5.