spacepy.pybats.add_body(ax, rad=2.5, facecolor='lightgrey', show_planet=True, ang=0.0, add_night=True, zorder=1000, **extra_kwargs)[source]

Creates a circle of radius=self.attrs[‘rbody’] and returns the MatPlotLib Ellipse patch object for plotting. If an axis is specified using the “ax” keyword, the patch is added to the plot. Default color is light grey; extra keywords are handed to the Ellipse generator function.

Because the body is rarely the size of the planet at the center of the modeling domain, add_planet is automatically called. This can be negated by using the show_planet kwarg.

axMatplotlib Axes object

Set the axes on which to place planet.

Other Parameters

Set radius of the inner boundary. Defaults to 2.5.


Set color of face of inner boundary circle via Matplotlib color selectors (name, hex, etc.) Defaults to ‘lightgrey’.


Turns on/off planet indicator inside inner boundary. Defaults to True


Set the rotation of the day-night terminator from the y-axis, in degrees. Defaults to zero (terminator is aligned with Y-axis.)


Add night hemisphere. Defaults to True


Set the matplotlib zorder of the patch to set how other plot elements order with the inner boundary patch. Defaults to 1000. If a planet is added, it is given a zorder of *zorder*+5.