Utility routines for plotting and related activities

Authors: Jonathan Niehof, Steven Morley, Daniel Welling

Institution: Los Alamos National Laboratory


Copyright 2012-2014 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.


EventClicker([ax, n_phases, interval, ...])

Presents a provided figure (normally a time series) and provides an interface to mark events shown in the plot.


add_logo(img[, fig, pos, margin])

Add an image (logo) to one corner of a plot.

annotate_xaxis(txt[, ax])

Write text in-line and to the right of the x-axis tick labels

applySmartTimeTicks(ax, time[, dolimit, dolabel])

Given an axis ax and a list/array of datetime objects, time, use the smartTimeTicks function to build smart time ticks and then immediately apply them to the given axis.

collapse_vertical(combine[, others, leave_axis])

Collapse the vertical spacing between two or more subplots.

printfig(fignum[, saveonly, pngonly, clean, ...])

save current figure to file and call lpr (print).

set_target(target[, figsize, loc, polar])

Given a target on which to plot a figure, determine if that target is None or a matplotlib figure or axes object.

shared_ylabel(axes, txt, *args, **kwargs)

Create a ylabel that spans several subplots


Show the areas of a figure which are used/occupied by plot elements.


Returns major ticks, minor ticks and format for time-based plots

timestamp([position, size, draw, strnow, ...])

print a timestamp on the current plot, vertical lower right

add_arrows(lines[, n, size, style, ...])

Add directional arrows along a plotted line.