spacepy.plot.levelPlot(data, var=None, time=None, levels=(3, 5), target=None, colors=None, **kwargs)[source]

Draw a step-plot with up to 5 levels following a color cycle (e.g. Kp index “stoplight”)

dataarray-like, or dict-like

Data for plotting. If dict-like, the key providing an array-like to plot must be given to var keyword argument.


Tuple of the binned data and bins

Other Parameters:

Name of key in dict-like input that contains data

timearray-like or string

Name of key in dict-like that contains time, or arraylike of datetimes

levelsarray-like, up to 5 levels

Breaks between levels in data that should be shown as distinct colors

targetfigure or axes

Target axes or figure window


Colors to use for the color sequence (if insufficient colors, will use as a cycle)

**kwargsother keywords

Other keywords to pass to spacepy.toolbox.binHisto


>>> import spacepy.plot as splot
>>> import spacepy.time as spt
>>> import spacepy.omni as om
>>> tt = spt.tickrange('2012/09/28','2012/10/2', 3/24.)
>>> omni = om.get_omni(tt)
>>> splot.levelPlot(omni, var='Kp', time='UTC', colors=['seagreen', 'orange', 'crimson'])