spacepy.plot.dual_half_circle(center=(0, 0), radius=1.0, sun_direction='right', ax=None, colors=('w', 'k'), **kwargs)[source]

Plot two half circles to a plot with the specified face colors and rotation. This is normal to use to denote the sun direction in magnetospheric science plots.


Tuple of the two wedge objects

Other Parameters
centerarray-like, 2 elements

Center in data coordinates of the circles, default (0,0)


Radius of the circles, defualt 1.0

sun_directionstring or float

The rotation direction of the first (white) circle. Options are [‘down’, ‘down right’, ‘right’, ‘up left’, ‘up right’, ‘up’, ‘down left’, ‘left’] or an angle in degrees counter-clockwise from up. Default right.


Axis to plot the circles on.

colorsarray-like, 2 elements

The two colors for the circle fill. The First number is the light and second is the dark.

**kwargsother keywords

Other keywords to pass to matplotlib.patches.Wedge


>>> import spacepy.plot
>>> spacepy.plot.dual_half_circle()