spacepy.plot.dual_half_circle(center=(0, 0), radius=1.0, sun_direction='right', ax=None, colors=('w', 'k'), **kwargs)[source]

Plot two half circles to a plot with the specified face colors and rotation. This is normal to use to denote the sun direction in magnetospheric science plots.


Tuple of the two wedge objects

Other Parameters:
centerarray-like, 2 elements

Center in data coordinates of the circles, default (0,0)


Radius of the circles, defualt 1.0

sun_directionstring or float

The rotation direction of the first (white) circle. Options are [‘down’, ‘down right’, ‘right’, ‘up left’, ‘up right’, ‘up’, ‘down left’, ‘left’] or an angle in degrees counter-clockwise from up. Default right.


Axis to plot the circles on.

colorsarray-like, 2 elements

The two colors for the circle fill. The First number is the light and second is the dark.

**kwargsother keywords

Other keywords to pass to matplotlib.patches.Wedge


>>> import spacepy.plot
>>> spacepy.plot.dual_half_circle()