spacepy.irbempy.get_AEP8(energy, loci, model='min', fluxtype='diff', particles='e')[source]

will return the flux from the AE8-AP8 model

- energy (float)center energy in MeV; if fluxtype=RANGE, then needs to be a list [Emin, Emax]
- loci (Coords)a Coords instance with the location inside the magnetosphere

optional instead of a Coords instance, one can also provide a list with [BBo, L] combination

- model (str)MIN or MAX for solar cycle dependence
- fluxtype (str)DIFF, RANGE, INT are possible types
- particles (str): e or p or electrons or protons
- floatflux from AE8/AP8 model


>>> spacepy.irbempy.get_aep8()
>>> import spacepy.time as spt
>>> import spacepy.coordinates as spc
>>> import spacepy.irbempy as ib
>>> t = spt.Ticktock(['2017-02-02T12:00:00'], 'ISO')
>>> y = spc.Coords([3,0,0], 'GEO', 'car', use_irbem=True)
>>> y.ticks = t
>>> energy = 1.0 #MeV
>>> ib.get_AEP8(energy, y, model='max')