ae9ap9 - Handle AE9/AP9 data files

Module for reading and dealing with AE9AP9 data files.

See to download the model. This is not a AE9AP9 runner.

Authors: Brian Larsen, Steve Morley Institution: Los Alamos National Laboratory Contact:

Copyright 2015 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.

This module provides a convenient class for handling data from AE9/AP9 (and legacy models provided by the software).


Ae9Data(*args, **kwargs)

Dictionary-like container for AE9/AP9/SPM data, derived from SpacePy's datamodel

Though the class is derived from SpacePy’s SpaceData, the class also provides several methods targeted at the AE9/AP9 output. Additional functions for working with the data are provided.


readFile(fname[, comments])

read a model generated file into a datamodel.SpaceData object


given an AE9AP9 output test file parse the header and return the information in a dictionary